I run a crew; the work we perform is Non Ansi. Having many people doing various functions,  for years I wanted my employees to be identified for security reasons , but when we tried a screen printing shop , they needed a minimum of two or three dozen per name and job occupation. When we purchased our Vestbadge we were able to add the lettering ourselves at a low cost using iron on letters in the window message area. No more lost vests and my employees can be identified from front to rear by skeptic homeowners and property managers no longer questioning their IDs. Since we control the distribution our company has a uniform look. You don’t need a Vestbadge, but don’t expect your employees to be properly identified in this time of security awareness age.

Dan Johansen,
New Jersey

I have been running for many years. Most of my time, in the morning or after dark. During the course of this activity, I've purchased several apparels designed for runners at an exorbitant price, only to advertise someone small logo and hard to see from a distance. I was a bit reluctant to purchase, but the reasonable cost and designs  have made the difference. Now my team is outfitted with Protecto's reflective apparels. Often I'll get a thumbs up or a support honk from a passing  motorist grateful to have spotted me in the dark. If you're a runner like us, not being seen by a preoccupied motorist can someday translate into severe injuries.

Pascal Gervais

I’m an engineering contractor and my guys work out in the field. Their vests are visible ,  but not the hard hats . We’ve purchased labels from other companies for our safety hard hats , but  many of them aren’t  truly reflective, bunch of red  and other colored strips .
I was told by  a fellow contractor  that Protecto Products have the best selection of reflective safety hard hats  and reflective labels strictly designed for hard hats .
We’ve been using them, and don’t plan of using anything else. End of story.

Roger Harrington

I’m a die hard runner . Every morning I run for several miles in the dark where there is heavy traffic . I’ve purchased  several armbands , but none of them had any reflective or the LED functions. The Wrapflash from Protecto Products proved to be the best and a price  hard to beat.  Since I’ve been using the Wrapflash , I feel more secure running, because I can be seen in the dark. When crossing the street , I put on my flashing mode so motorists can see me. Not only I’m very pleased with this product , I’ve also recommended it to my friends. If you're serious about your safety when  running in the dark , I suggest you get a Wrapflash.

Ed Simpson

For many years I rode my bike with a regular cycling  jersey full of company  advertisements . On a dusky day  , I  nearly came close to a fatal accident . After  stopping for an exchange of words , he simply told me “ I’m sorry , didn’t  see you “ this motorist is not alone and myself  partly responsible . I quickly understood the problem ; lack of visibility .
At this juncture , no more standard jerseys  .  During business travels,  I’ve  inquired at numerous bike stores , only to be told ,” we don’t have reflective  cycling jerseys and if we did It would be expansive “ .
For my protection , I will no longer wear a   bicycle jersey unless it’s reflective . Not being part of any club,  I wear what I want ; a reflective jersey.
After searching the internet , I stumbled upon  Protecto Products, to be honest, I was shocked for the amount of reflective material on this jersey, front, rear  and even  the sleeves are reflective and what a great price !
In several occasions , I’ve been caught in the dark rushing to get  back home , however , I feel safe since  my silhouette  can be seen in the dim lit  environment  . By no means  telling you to get this apparel , your decision , your safety, your life.

Wolfgang Richter

For quite sometimes we’ve  been looking for a reflective security  and an awareness ribbon  baseball cap. We looked everywhere to find a reflective style baseball cap . We finally went to the mall , the store clerk told  us they can make one out of a silver  vinyl but will not be reflective and it would be  a special order . We waited a week , when we finally got them  we were charged $ 80.00 for two lousy caps. Of course,  they had no reflectivity , couldn’t   bee seen at night . A friend told  us to go to Protecto Products since they specialize  in reflective products , only to find out this was a standard item  selling at  $14.95  for a  real reflective black  cap.
Oh well ! Live and learn.  Now we know where to go for reflective products.

Susan Petrowsky

I am a contractor and have several Protecto Products and I am especially impressed with the hard hat. It not only exceeds OSHA and State safety standards with superior visibility on crowded and busy jobsites, it has comfortable features and fit for a full days work. I would definitely recommend Protecto Products because for me, quality matters.

Mike Ramos

I have one of your reflective bike riding jerseys; great fit and comfort and the reflective properties are the best. Thanks for making a very good and much needed product.

Ozie Martin


We’ve purchased several hard hats from a company that promised that our hats would shine in the dark. What we got was silver strips with square edges which did not reflect very well , paid a hefty price for. The hard hats purchased from Protecto Products have  their deluxe reflective strips , aside from shining , they are thick  made of 3M material , not the imported  stuff . Now my workers safety hard hats can be seen in from a distance in the dark .  
Thank you Protecto for making us safe and visible.

Brandon Stevenson

I’ve never like the idea of having a bunch of keys weighing inside my pocket. I’ve looked for some kind of a gadget that would keep them neatly stored in one place until I discovered the Keyrgnzr by Protecto Products. Aside from carrying all these keys, the organizer keeps them all inside the cartridge, plus this feature of having my phone on a stand while charging, and a  bottle opener is just great. Never to misplace my keys and my phone again since they are together at night. Now we know what gift to give to friends and family for the holidays. Great gadget. Love it !

Monique & Jeff Morrison

Seattle. Washington

For years I’ve been looking for a T-shirt with lower pockets to place, wallet, keys and other items. To solve this, I’ve used a fanny pack, which at times felt weird during casual gatherings or at work. Finally, it’s available where I can place my things inside my T-shirt pocket. My wife and I purchased several Kangroo-T’s, by Protecto Products. Now, some of my friends are starting to wear them .Will probably never wear another T-shirt without lower pockets.

Steve & Melinda Klein

Atlanta. Georgia

I was so frustrated of not being able to carry stuffs inside my t-shirt pocket as I did with my hoodie. Went through malls after malls, only to be told, there is no such apparel on the market. Found nothing, until I saw this man wearing one, telling me this is a brand new style of T-shirt, he also told me the maker’s name, went straight to the site. Protecto Products, the manufacturer of this garment. From now on, will wear nothing else!

Rigoberto Sanchez

Kansas City. Missouri

I own an air conditioning and heating company. We wanted our technicians to be identified when servicing customers. We had this great idea of having our guys wear reflective caps. Talk to lots of people about this , some wanted a chunk , few, large quantities , others simply didn’t want to bother with this reflective stuff Finally, one guy charging a ridiculous price, even though his minimum was at least 50 caps. I have five techs, why 50?

I did a search , stumbled into reflective utility baseball caps , not only I found what I exactly wanted, a cap with HVAC Tech title. The surprise! I can purchase just 5 not 50.

Thanks Protecto

Michael Anderson








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