Do You Really Need a Compass?

18th Feb 2016

When planning to go hiking and/or camping do you really need a map and compass if you have a GPS? Should you keep a compass in your emergency kit? In today's world of high tech devices there are p … read more

The Dangers of Occupational Heat Exposure

Ashley Bello of on 30th Jun 2015

With summer right around the corner, we thought it would only be fitting to discuss the dangers of occupational heat exposure. As the temperatures begin to rise, so does the risk for conditions like … read more

The Reflective Buzz

: Want to post a comment, opinion on running, jogging, cycling or safety and visibility in the work place ? Send it, we'll publish it. Send to on 29th Jun 2015

Problem: 90% of the "reflective" cycling clothing available is totally inadequate at night. Reflective piping that is 3mm wide? Reflective dots a couple of centimeters  across? Reflective let … read more

Reflective products… are they worth the investment?

About the author: Serge Laraque is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Protecto Products. Before joining Protecto Products, the author has developed engineering products as well as a series of safety products on 23rd Jun 2015

You may have noticed the influx of men and women decked up in their industrial safety gear working the sidelines of highways , freeways , industrial plants , oil rigs, construction site … read more