The Reflective Buzz

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Problem: 90% of the "reflective" cycling clothing available is totally inadequate at night. Reflective piping that is 3mm wide? Reflective dots a couple of centimeters  across? Reflective lettering, for Christ's sake, that is 2mm thick and which I would struggle to read from 5m away? The clothing needs to have big panels of the stuff all over the front, back, sides, arms and legs. Until a manufacturer starts selling this, I will not feel safely dressed at night.

Posted by chokofingrz

I've been riding a bicycle for a long time . I have friends who got seriously injured while riding at night, others in a cloudy afternoon  not being seen by  crazy drivers. Upset over their accident, I have asked my bike store to get me  a reflective cycling jersey, I was told that the advertisement  in white or silver  would create some visibility .

First  of all,  why do I want to advertise some guy company  in white or silver all over the jersey  that you can't see in the dark.

That's nonsense !   Can somebody make a real reflective jersey with reflective graphics that can be seen by crazy drivers when riding in the dark ?  

Max The cyclist