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We’re producing a more functional Apparel !

Kangaroo pocket t-shirts. KangrooT. A new concept in apparel's design !

A hoodie’s pocket on a T-shirt? Looking for a kangaroo pocket T-shirt? Finally, an apparel allowing you to store your belongings and keep your hands warm! Our innovative kangaroo pocket t-shirt, KangrooT solves that! No need for a fanny pack.


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For years I’ve been looking for a T-shirt with lower pockets to place, wallet, keys and other items. To solve this, I’ve used a fanny pack, which at times felt weird during casual gatherings or at work. Finally, it’s available where I can place my things inside my T-shirt pocket. My wife and I purchased several Kangroo-T’s, by Protecto Products. Now, some of my friends are starting to wear them .Will probably never wear another T-shirt without lower pockets.

Steve & Melinda Klein

Atlanta. Georgia

I was so frustrated of not being able to carry stuffs inside my t-shirt pocket as I did with my hoodie. Went through malls after malls, only to be told, there is no such apparel on the market. Found nothing, until I saw this man wearing one, telling me this is a brand new style of T-shirt, he also told me the maker’s name, went straight to the site. Protecto Products, the manufacturer of this garment. From now on, will wear nothing else!

Rigoberto Sanchez

Kansas City. Missouri





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9 of 9 Items