ANSI Reflective Strips 

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Own a safety hard hart, a motorcycle  helmet, but has no reflectivity !  Retrofit them using our reflective  strips and  stickers . Our  reflective Hi-Vis  strips can be applied to any  smooth surface. Once your head wear is  upgraded , reflectivity will increase  to  a  4-point visibility range . Choose from the  various styles below.

Our  ANSI reflective strips fit most hard hats.

Exceeds minimum reflectivity requirements for ANSI/ISEA 107 for high visibility head wear

Free shipping on all reflective safety hard hats strips . Continental U.S only

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I’m an engineering contractor and my guys work out in the field. Their vests are visible ,  but not the hard hats . We’ve purchased labels from other companies for our safety hard hats , but  many of them aren’t  truly reflective, bunch of red  and other colored strips .
I was told by  a fellow contractor  that Protecto Products have the best selection of reflective safety hard hats  and reflective labels strictly designed for hard hats .
We’ve been using them, and don’t plan of using anything else. End of story.

Roger Harrington


Standard RK
Adhesion: Permanent
    • Removable With Heat
    • Thickness 6.5 Mil

Although highly reflective, the RK  stickers and strips are standard reflective material. Having an aggressive adhesion, once applied it becomes permanent with the surface and difficult to remove.
Deluxe RKR
Adhesion: Removable
    • Can Be Adjusted
    • Thickness 22.5 Mil

Deluxe Reflective  removable graphics and strips will retain 50% brightness after 4 minute exposure  at 500 o F (260o C) when applied  to  helmets . Can be applied to Fire Helmets.
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12 of 20 Items