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If you’re riding  in the dark, heavy traffic, deserted roads , to be seen is critical  from distracted, texting ,on the phone, or road raged motorists . According to statistics,  the numbers of cycling or bicyclists injuries  is  nearly  to 50,000 a year not counting fatalities. Sadly, many  cycling casualties or severe accidents  are often not  reported. Although the numbers are somewhat accurate , however, fatality and injury  could be as two or three times the reported figures.
For  maximum visibility , we’ve designed a product with  a bright  Neon color, reflectivity and a breathable  mesh material for air circulation. Front, collar , sleeves and at the rear with 3 reflective bars as well as in  the rear pocket makes it an eye - catcher.
While we think  our jersey is one of a kind , however, it wasn’t designed for style , but rather with safety in mind.  Taking into consideration its amount of reflectivity, this jersey is priced at a reasonable cost
Study says cyclists should make themselves seen - but reflective clothing, not hi-vis, is the answer . Read the article :

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I have one of your reflective bike riding jerseys; great fit and comfort and the reflective properties are the best. Thanks for making a very good and much needed product.

Ozie Martin


 For many years I rode my bike with a regular cycling  jersey full of company  advertisements . On a dusky day  , I  nearly came close to a fatal accident . After  stopping for an exchange of words , he simply told me “ I’m sorry ,  didn’t  see you “ this motorist is not alone and myself  partly responsible .  I quickly understood the problem ; lack of visibility .
At this juncture , no more standard jerseys  .  During business travels,  I’ve  inquired at numerous bike stores , only to be told ,” we don’t have reflective  cycling jerseys and if we did It would be expansive “ .
For my protection , I will no longer wear a   bicycle jersey unless it’s reflective . Not being part of any  club,  I wear what I want ; a reflective jersey.
After searching the internet , I stumbled upon  Protecto Products, to be honest, I was shocked for the amount of reflective material on this jersey, front, rear  and even  the sleeves are reflective and what a price !
In several occasions , I’ve been caught in the dark rushing to get  back home , however , I feel safe since  my silhouette  can be seen in the dim lit  environment  . By no means  telling you to get this apparel , your decision , your safety, your life.

Wolfgang Richter
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