Reflective Safety Hard Hats

Reflective Hard Hats - On-The-Job Protection

 Reflective construction hard hats are a must in the commercial and industrial world today.  As a rule, safety hard hats have become an important tool , consequently preventing severe head injuries. However, while we think wearing a safety hat offers great protection , but in a dark environment  they could be barely visible. Indeed, the difference between a blank  and a reflective hat .

Are your workers protected from the top? Only you, the employer, know the answer. At Protecto Products, we are fully cognizant of headwear visibility as well as the safety value. Therefore, enhancing the visibility of construction hard hats can only be a plus! We believe that a hard hat without reflectivity has low visibility and makes it difficult to be seen in the dark , especially on construction sites. We offer 3 styles of reflective hard hats: the Americana, Liberty, and Omega.  All our construction  hard hats are outfitted with the Deluxe Reflective  graphics and borders a 3M Scotchlite film. Deluxe Reflective  graphics and borders  will retain 50% brightness after 4 minute exposure  at 500o F (260o C) when applied  to hard hats and fire helmets.

Now  in three type of films. Solid silver,  prismatic fluorescent lime  and prismatic white. ( Prisma )

Exceeds minimum reflectivity requirements for ANSI/ISEA 107 for high visibility head wear

ONLY $ 7.00  flat rate shipping on our Reflective Hard Hats ! U.S only

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I am a contractor and have several Protecto Products and I am especially impressed with the hard hat. It not only exceeds OSHA and State safety standards with superior visibility on crowded and busy jobsites, it has comfortable features and fit for a full days work. I would definitely recommend Protecto Products because for me, quality matters.

Mike Ramos


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I’m an engineering contractor and my guys work out in the field. Their vests are visible ,  but not the hard hats . We’ve purchased labels from other companies for our safety hard hats , but  many of them aren’t  truly reflective, bunch of red  and other colored strips .
I was told by  a fellow contractor  that Protecto Products have the largest selection of reflective safety hard hats  and reflective labels strictly designed for hard hats .
We’ve been using them, and don’t plan of using anything else. End of story.

Roger Harrington

We’ve purchased several hard hats from a company that promised that our hats would shine in the dark. What we got was silver strips with square edges which did not reflect very well , paid a hefty price for. The hard hats purchased from Protecto Products have  their deluxe reflective strips , aside from shining , they are thick  made of 3M material , not the imported  stuff . Now my workers safety hard hats can be seen in from a distance in the dark .  
Thank you Protecto for making us safe and visible.

Brandon Stevenson




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