About Us

Trekking against traffic or cross walking in the dark can be at times hazardous. Countless lives have been lost from preoccupied motorists unable to distinguish the silhouette of a jogger, a walker, or a pedestrian often too late to make a swift decision; the direct result of lack of visibility .

A driver moving at 30 mph may not be aware of the presence of a movable object, sometimes too late to stop. Yet, should any means of reflectivity were in view, pedestrian, jogger and driver could have avoided a catastrophe.

Protecto Products has  designed and developed  a line of high visibility reflective clothing products, all with the intent of providing you with the necessary tools to improve visibility and personal safety while maintaining your expected fashion standard.

Casual reflective clothing, hard hats, reflective kits, caps, bicycle jerseys, some with reflective night glow and others with LED and Electroluminescent technology, are part of our colorful Hi-Vis collection.

Our commitment is to perpetuate the development of such products whether for casual, sport, business or any other lifestyle where reflectivity and safety are essential and critical.

Whenever, or wherever, visibility is questionable, our Hi-Vis products will reflect your presence.


Protecto Products