Reflective Baseball Caps

 Why wear it, if it doesn’t reflect?

Fusing a  Bright Neon color  and reflective graphics to  our  baseball caps makes it highly visible  . Combining several visibility points , it  can be an alternate solution  when  reflective hard hats are not required . Reflective graphics, the front perimeter of the brim enhanced with a reflective wave sandwich, a reflective top button  are all designed   to keep you safer  when  jogging,  running , walking  or  on the job site . These  Hi-Visibility caps will make you visible .

Our Segmenta Reflective  line is designed to heighten the visual appeal of objects by segmenting their profiles, in turn forming linear dimensions to geometric and block shapes . Whether vertical, horizontal or slanted it brings the punch  to solid shaped designs . We have them in T- shirts, caps, golf shirts , sweatpants  and upcoming products. Adding security to visibility, our Neo & Black Reflective caps are great identification.   

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For quite sometimes we’ve  been looking for a reflective security  and an awareness ribbon  baseball cap.
We looked everywhere to find a reflective style baseball cap . We finally went to the mall , the store clerk told  us they can make one out of a silver  vinyl but will not be reflective and it would be  a special order . We waited a week , when we finally got them  we were charged $ 80.00 for two lousy caps. Of course,  they had no reflectivity , couldn’t   bee seen at night . A friend told  us to go to Protecto Products since they specialize  in reflective products , only to find out this was a standard item  selling at  $14.95  for a  real reflective black  cap.
Oh well ! Live and learn.  Now we know where to go for reflective products.
Susan Petrowsky


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12 of 44 Items