Reflective utility baseball caps

Are you a professional, a contractor, a tradesman ? Our reflective utility caps are designed to make you visible , aside from providing essential identification .With security conditions on red alert , nervy homeowners and apprehensive property managers will validate your presence, once fully aware of your function. With reflective legible letters, defining trade, profession, job function, is by itself a significant security feature. Whether staffs, parking attendants , baggage handlers, crossing guards, couriers and more, your reflective utility cap will authenticate your status.

I own an air conditioning and heating company. We wanted our technicians to be identified when servicing customers. We had this great idea of having our guys wear reflective caps. Talk to lots of people about this , some wanted a chunk , few, large quantities , others simply didn’t want to bother with this reflective stuff. Finally, one guy charging a ridiculous price, even though his minimum was at least 50 caps. I have five techs, why 50? I did a search , stumbled into reflective utility baseball caps , not only I found what I exactly wanted, a cap with HVAC Tech title. The surprise! I can purchase just 5 not 50.

Thanks Protecto

Michael Anderson



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