NON ANSI Reflective Safety Vest -Vestbadge

Guessing about  your professional identity ?

Are your workers properly identified ? In this age of heightened security, employee identification is critical. Unfortunately limited in safety vests.
Our Safety-Vestbadge reflects identification from front to rear. The use of the NON ANSI of the Safety-Vestbadge is suitable where ANSI compliance is not mandatory, but ensuring that workers are properly identified. Combining visibility, safety and identification are a great benefit. At the blank of an eye the Safety-Vestbadge will spot everyone and their defined occupation. With legible reflective letters outlining, trade, profession, position, job function, name or company logo is by itself a significant security feature. Whether parking attendant, press, staff, crossing guards, shopping cart collectors, couriers, baggage handlers and more. Whenever and wherever a NON ANSI vest is permitted, the Safety-Vestbadge will validate your status.

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Standard Customizable
Blank. Do It Yourself
Deluxe: Categories in reflective letters


I run a crew; the work we perform is Non Ansi. Having many people doing various functions,  for years I wanted my employees to be identified for security reasons , but when we tried a screen printing shop , they needed a minimum of two or three dozen per name and job occupation. When we purchased our Vestbadge we were able to add the lettering ourselves at a low cost using iron on letters in the window message area. No more lost vests and my employees can be identified from front to rear by skeptic homeowners and property managers no longer questioning their IDs. Since we control the distribution our company has a uniform look. You don’t need a Vestbadge, but don’t expect your employees to be properly identified in this time of security awareness age.

Dan Johansen,
New Jersey




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