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KeyrgnizrTomorrow’s key chains…!

Are your keys in one holder?

Fed up with carrying a bulky set of keys? The keyrgnizr operates like a Swiss Army Knife or an Allen Wrench allowing you to keep your keys in one holder and flip them open when needed. Our design carries two unique standard features ; not as accessories. 1. A .  bottle opener. 2.  B . Mobile phone stand with no extra charge. At night place  your phone on the stand along with your keys, never to misplace either one.

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I’ve never like the idea of having a bunch of keys weighing inside my pocket. I’ve looked for some kind of a gadget that would keep them neatly stored in one place until I discovered the Keyrgnzr by Protecto Products. Aside from carrying all these keys, the organizer keeps them all inside the cartridge, plus this feature of having my phone on a stand while charging, and a  bottle opener is just great. Never to misplace my keys and my phone again since they are together at night. Now we know what gift to give to friends and family for the holidays.

Great gadget. Love it !

 Monique & Jeff Morrison

 Seattle. Washington




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2 of 2 Items