Reflective hard hats with Pro ID- Protitle


Do you have the right ID for the job? Is your title unmistakably visible? With security measures at an all-time high, protection against misjudgment , lack of noticeable ID , wrongful profiling, is a must .With definite features and benefits, our Protitle reflective identification hard hats eliminate those worrying suspicions, summarized in four words .Visibility - Safety - Professional identification

Testimonials .

I’ve been a surveyor for several years; often we work through cloudy, partly dark incoming and ongoing traffic. The danger and the disregard from crazy motorists are real, since they think we’re just playing on the road.

I wear a blank hard hat, but when it’s cloudy, it’s not much and besides they simply fly by, not paying attention to our surveying work.

Protecto’s hard hats, with the reflective strips and the added professional title make that difference for ; visibility, safety and fortunately some professional respect,

William. S




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9 of 9 Items