Reflective ProTitle baseball cap


Your cap ! More than a Headwear.

Are they aware of your profession? Are you using your headwear to promote yourself?  Convert your baseball cap into a personal walking billboard! Our ProTitle reflective caps, are a free advertisement medium; use it to the max, as a result boosting your professional image . Wear it with Pride !


I’ve been a general contractors for years, spent a ton of money in advertising. I purchased a reflective baseball cap with the professional title of Contractor. I wore it while I was at the supermarket , a man approach me, asking if I do remodeling , of course I said . Before long, I had a huge remodeling contract for several thousands of dollars. Incredibly, paid 11 dollars, roughly  lunch money,  then it produced thousands in revenue. Another thing, the glare from the reflective graphic attracted his attention, but whatever, the Protecto pro cap did his job, brought a hundred fold in return, best advertising money ever spent. Keep it up Protecto





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7 of 7 Items