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Lighted & Reflective Nighttime LED Products For Pedestrians & Cyclists

Like never before, casual safety awareness has gained momentum generated by the continuous loss of life and injuries sustained by pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. Each year, thousands of pedestrians are killed in cross traffic and handicapped people in wheelchairs are clipped by careless motorists. Moreover, hikers are lost in the park system and climbers have accidents from falls, neither one of which can be seen overhead by searching parties. It is possible that all of these groups would have realized a better, safer outcome had they been wearing a reflective, an LED clothing or device  so drivers , search and rescue teams could locate and extract them from danger or loss of life.

As we tabulate the staggering cost of search and rescue efforts, simple logic would dictate that lighted and reflective clothing can somewhat alleviate the pain on both sides. The expense and the heartache would have simply not been needed,  thus closing the drama on a happier note. Based on those facts, we offer a variety of reflective LED clothing products including hi-viz LED safety wristbands and LED reflective armbands  LED Light-up caps that produce sufficient luminance to be seen at great distances to protect the the life of joggers, walkers, and backpackers.

Feel free to browse our product line,  as we offer various versions of lighted  products: some reflective, some electroluminescent and others that glow in the dark. Because new products are added frequently, we invite you to visit often.

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I’m a die hard runner . Every morning I run for several miles in the dark where there is heavy traffic . I’ve purchased  several armbands , but none of them had any reflective or the LED functions. The Wrapflash from Protecto Products proved to be the best and a price  hard to beat.  
Since I’ve been using the Wrapflash , I feel more secure running, because I can be seen in the dark. When crossing the street , I put on my flashing mode so motorists can see me. Not only I’m very pleased with this product , I’ve also recommended it to my friends. If you're serious about your safety when  running in the dark , I suggest you get a Wrapflash.
Ed Simpson


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