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No White At Night clearly illustrates the need for reflective products. This video emphasizes the striking transparency of pedestrians, night walkers , joggers and runners as to the  motorist reflex when not wearing a reflective clothing.  Our promise :  Make You Visible

Our apparels are designed to produce high visibility whether running, jogging or just walking the dog at night.


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I have been running for many years. Most of the time in the morning or after dark. During the course of this activity , I’ve purchased several apparels designed for runners at an exorbitant price , only to  advertise someone small logo and hard to see from a distance.
I was a  bit reluctant to purchase , but  the  reasonable  cost  and designs diversity has made the difference. Now my team is  outfitted with  Protecto’s  reflective apparels.  Often I’ll get  a thumb’s up or a support honk from a passing motorist grateful  to have  spotted  me in the dark . If you’re a runner like us , not being seen by a preoccupied motorist can translate into severe injuries  someday .

Pascal Gervais


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