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First Responder Reflective T-shirts

We are pleased to introduce our new line of Reflective Clothing, the Emergency Responder Reflective T-shirt. If you’ve been looking for Search & Rescue, Security, EMS, Fire, Press, or School reflective clothing, to name a few, you need look no further.

Over the years we’ve come to admire those who have confronted danger face to face in order to protect and rescue us. As part of our safety solutions, the amount of sustained injuries and potential safety hazards can be avoided or diminished by incorporating increased visibility into our apparel.

What are some of the benefits of wearing a First Responder T-shirt? The benefits become apparent when viewing the “No White At Night  “video on our home page, which is a “must see.” Conventional garments printed with First Responder logos and “security” identification are presently ineffective in providing adequate visibility. And visibility and safety are job 1 since emergency personnel are constantly in dangerous or precarious situations. Our solution is that apparel must be highly reflective and visible, be they T- shirts, jackets or uniforms.