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No White At Night clearly illustrates why we got into Reflective Clothing. Did you know that a pedestrian is killed by a car almost every 2 hours? That's about 48 people in one day, 1,440 in one month and 17,280 in a year! We are all concerned with our safety and want to ensure that drivers can see us at night or in low visibility light. This video makes you realize how transparent pedestrians and runners are to drivers when not wearing a reflective T shirt.


Be Seen, But Like What You're Wearing

If you’ve been longing for reflective high visibility clothing, your time has come. At Protecto Products, we have combined Reflective LED and other types of reflectivity into our designs to blend safety and fashion with a casual look giving you adequate visibility while still looking fashionable.

Be assured, whenever new high visibility clothing is introduced it will reflect a tint of uniqueness placing us first right out of the box. Although high visibility clothing, such as hard hats and reflective kits, are available for industrial use, we’ve now made that transition, blending a casual consumer look with a new line of Hi Viz garments for everyday use including reflective T-shirts, reflective armbands and wristbands.

Reflective golf shirts, sweatshirts, cycling jerseys, motorcycle and ski jackets as well as dress shirts, reflective caps, lighted caps, helmets for bicyclists and motorcyclists are some of the innovative reflective products you can expect to see us release in the future. We encourage you to browse our site, where at any given time cutting edge products will be introduced as we strive to offer them to you at the most affordable prices.

Watch for our product brand names Nightglow, Airflex and Neohalo as they are introduced in future lines. Protecto Products is able to offer you innovative and reflective high visibility clothing at a lower cost due to our manufacturing capabilities and then sell them direct to you without the interference of the middle man.